Cirrus SF50 Personal Private Jet

What's better than owning your own private jet? Being able to fly your own Private Jet!

Cirrus Vision SF50 Private Jet

Travels like a Gulfsteam Flies like a Cessna

There is nothing like being able to get yourself somewhere in class. The new Cirrus Vision SF50 is a new personal and/or private jet that can get you where you need to go at 556 km/h and 28 thousand ft. With that being said it isn't suppose to be much harder to fly then your average Cessna. With top of the line safety features such as Cirrus' CAPS system, (diagram below) it is no doubt going to sell like hot cakes. The project currently has at least 550 orders of the aircraft, and with price tag being very competitive at under $2 million dollars it's no wonder why.

Cirrus Vision SF50 CAPS system

Cirrus Vision SF50 Cabin

Cirrus SF50 Personal Private Jet Cabin

Along with the great capabilities of the SF50 they have developed a very spacious, innovative and sleek cabin that is able to sit 7 (5 adults and 2 children). Seeing as you would be able to get from Toronto to New York City in less than an hour you would have lots of leg room and be much more comfortable than flying commercial.

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