PC-12 The Best Private Plane

Pilatus PC-12 - The Most Capable Private / Business Plane

PC-12 The Best Private Plane

Due to the capabilities of the Pilatus PC-12 (such as its STOL capabilities shown in the picture above) I believe that it is the best choice for the average business owner. Business owners buy aircraft such as the PC-12 so they can get to where the need to go faster and more efficiently. With this aircraft you can get almost anywhere you need to go without having to worry about weather, the airport (perhaps there isn't even one), or the size of the budget. Below I will show some facts that could convince anyone to buy one of these amazing aircraft!

Pilatus PC-12 Cruising Speed

This aircraft can cruise to it's destination at a cool 500 km/h. To put that into perspective that would get you from New York to Atlanta in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. When you consider that it could fly there and land on a 1000 ft. dirt strip that is pretty good.

Pilatus PC-12 STOL Capabilities (with video)

This machine can take off in as little as 1500 ft. and land in as little as 1000 ft. without the winds helping it stop. Below is a video demonstrating both it's STOL and soft field landing capabilities.

PC-12 Cruising Altitude

This beast can cruise at 30 000 ft. and get there in just 26 and a half minutes while climbing at 1700 feet per minute. Nothing like cruising above the weather and being able to get above it quick.

Pilatus PC-12 cruising altitude


If this doesn't make you want one of these then you aren't concerned with having an airplane with capabilities.

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