What Is It Like Flying On A Private Jet?

Ever wondered what it was like to fly on a private jet?

I think a lot of us wonder what it is like to get to fly on a private jet, especially if you dream about having a large some of money. I may not be able to give you all a ride on a private jet (yet) however I can give you the next best thing. I have found a cool Youtube video of a husband and wife that got to take a jet from Cleveland Ohio to the Akron Ohio! I hope you enjoy the video and I would like to hear stories or your opinion in the comments in this blog post, NOT on Youtube.

How to fly on a private jet cheap

This flight was made possible by what is called an empty leg flight in the aviation industry. This means that the charter company would be losing money flying the plane to a destination they need it. So instead of losing money they offer the flight at a discounted rate to try to recover loses. If you are interested in flying on a private jet and aren't to picky with the destination this is the cheapest way to make it happen. Sometimes it could even end up being cheaper than flying commercial if you can fill the jet with the max passengers and split the price between you.

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