Donald Trump's Private Boeing 757 Jet

Donald Trump's Private Jet

Donald Trump's Private Boeing 757 Jet
Image from Youtube

What Does Donald Trump Have On His Jet?

If you have seen pictures of Donald Trump's private jet you would know that he obviously doesn't cheap out on his transportation. Inside of his huge Boeing 757 he has enough gold to plate a coach bus. He also has 2 bedrooms, a shower and a 57 inch TV. It is extremely important for a business man to be able to get where he needs to go with no delays. This Boeing 757 can get to 41 thousand feet in 20 minutes getting Mr. Trump to where he needs to go in a quick hurry.

Watch and comment!

After watching the above video, please think about how much money he has spent on his private jet and think of what jet you would buy and what you would outfit it with. Please comment what you come up with below this in the comment section.

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