Howard Leight's Private Yacht and Helicopter

Howard Leight's Private Yacht and Helicopter

Howard Leight's Private Yacht and Helicopter
Image from Howard Leight's Youtube Channel

Who is Howard Leight?

Howard Leight Sr. and Jr. own a headphone company as well as a huge vineyard estate that you can book your wedding at. Their vineyard produces fine wine under the label Malibu Rocky Oaks. Their yacht named the Leight Star is available for charter on their website. 

What Private Helicopter does Howard Leight use?

From the videos on Youtube is appears that they used to fly a Robsinson R44 before they upgraded to a beautiful Agusta A 109. I highly suggest checking out their Youtube channel however I will also post a video below that you will be able to watch their video's from. The channel showcases just what it would be like to have not only your own private helicopter but also your own mega yacht.

If you had your own Mega Yacht and Private Helicopter what would you do?

I would like to hear what you guys would do in the comment section below, however I will also explain what I would do. First of all they seem to have their location well thought out. With their vineyard estate in the Malibu hills and their yacht docked in San Diego I don't think I could ask for a better place to be. I would sail from port to port around the world and fly to the fanciest restaurants for dinner. Anyplace with a helicopter pad I would be flying to! If I were to get to a scenic area such as Hawaii or Costa Rica I would already be prepared to do my own scenic sight seeing tours with my own Agusta A 109. This is just the beginning of what my life would be like, let's hear what you would do in the comment section below, just be patient for it to show up on the website due to me looking them over before they are posted. Hopefully you enjoyed this article, don't forget to watch the video below and leave your response!

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