Justin Bieber's Private Jet Obsession

Justin Bieber's Private Jet Obsession 

Justin Bieber Private Jet Obsession
Image from vrvtravel.com

Does Justin Bieber like private jets?

Justin Bieber doesn't seem to travel unless he is on his private jet. He apparently didn't want to pay the $60 thousand it was going to cost for him to charter a private jet to Miami for a recent court hearing. Instead he would rather do a video call to plead his case. After the court decided that a first class commercial flight from L.A. to Miami would only cost about $1000 he was told he needed to be in Miami for the court date. This isn't the first sign of him being addicted to flying privately. If you remember around Christmas time 2014 he had posted a picture on Instagram saying how he bought himself a new $60 million private jet, meanwhile he was just chartering it.

You can't blame a young star who went from struggling to make it through tough times with his mother to an almost instant millionaire for liking flying privately. I mean we would all love to fly in a business jet. With Justin Bieber being one of the most famous stars in L.A. these days, I'm sure flying commercially isn't the most peaceful thing to do. Unfortunately it doesn't matter who you are, if you don't want to pay to charter a jet to court then you had better book yourself a commercial plane ticket.

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