Private Jets Leaving Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport After Superbowl

Private Jets At Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport For Superbowl

Private Jets Departing Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport Superbowl
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After writing our article about private jets and sporting events we have decided to cover the jet traffic departing Phoenix after the Superbowl this year. This photo was taken from the website and it shows the traffic departing Phoenix Sky Harbor airport. There were hundreds of jets ranging from Cessna Citations to multi-million dollar Gulfstreams.

How do airports handle all of the traffic from the Superbowl?

How do airports handle all of the traffic from the Superbowl
New Orleans Lakefront Airport Superbowl 2013

As stated in our previous article on private jets and sporting events, sometimes whoever is in charge of the general aviation department at an airport has to go to extreme measures to accommodate for the unusual amount of corporate aircraft. For Superbowl 2013 at New Orleans Lakefront airport one of the runways at had to be shut down in order to park the aircraft. Although this can create problems due to the increase in air traffic it also creates a lot of revenue to flow through the airport. From landing fees, parking fees, fuel, and service charges this is a great chance for the airports to earn months worth of revenues in a single weekend.

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