What is the Private Jet Life?

The Private Jet Life

What is the Private Jet Life
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The Private Jet Lifestyle

Most of us would love to live the private jet lifestyle, but what is it all about? In the video below we see what Floyd Mayweather's life is like. We see him get in his helicopter to be flown to his private jet while he hands out big fat tips to all of the crew who helped him transfer his gear and equipment from the helicopter to his plane. We don't know where he was going or coming from but i'm sure either where he was coming from or where he was going was pretty luxurious. We all fantasize about money and what it can buy us, but what would we actually do? I would probably buy my own Bombardier Challenger or Falcon jet and go to all of the places in the world I would like to go. I would be chartering helicopters to get around busy metro traffic and get where I need to go in a hurry. The list of places I would want to go would have to include places like Dubai, Monaco, Milan, St. Maarten, and Australia. With that being said, we all know that before play there always has to be work. What would I be doing to be making this kind of money? Well I obviously don't quite know the answer to that question yet as I am still writing these blog posts as I dream about what life would be like being able to hop on a jet to some of the most beautiful and luxurious places on earth. In the comment section below this post let us know what your life would be like. What aircraft would you buy and how do you think you would be making the money? Real estate, stock market guru, or tech genius? We are looking forward to seeing your comments below! Don't forget to watch the video!

The Private Jet Life Video

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