Is Chartering A Private Jet Really Worth The Money?

is it worth it to charter a jet
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What are the benefits of chartering a jet?

We all wish we could afford to fly on a private jet, but is it really worth the money? It depends on your agenda and what is important to you. The price to charter a jet can't be justified by luxury alone. Some of the biggest benefits of chartering a jet maybe aren't what you would think of right away. If you travel for business on a regular basis and you are flying first class, the fact that you pay for first class only lets you ride more comfortably. Does it let you decide when the aircraft leaves? Can you fly to whatever airport you want? It may even require a connecting flight! ughh. The luxury of chartering a jet is having the ability to be picked up at the local airport rather than driving to your nearest international airport to get the flight you need to get on. Lets say you have a business meeting on a Friday and your kids birthday is on the Saturday, but there is only one flight a day to and from where you need to go. Do you go on the Friday and come back the day of your child's birthday to get there just in time to wish them a happy birthday before they go to bed? Do you skip the business trip altogether that may be the cause of your business earning an extra $10 million in revenue the following year? Or do you charter a jet to pick you up at the closest airport and have it running and ready to go at the airport after your business meeting to get home to be with your child on their birthday. 

Is chartering a jet worth the money?

This answer won't be the same for everyone. It all depends on what you really care about. If you are the kind of person to save any penny you can, obviously it wouldn't be worth it to you. If you travel on a regular basis and value every extra second you have with your family then it is the closest thing to being able to buy time as it gets. I would say that the luxury of the flight alone wouldn't be enough to justify the costs, but at the end of the day it's the battle with time that will decide if it is worth the money to you.

The last and probably most important factor to determining if chartering a jet is worth the money is do you have the money to lose? The private jet world isn't cheap and it never will be. If you can just barely afford to charter the jet to where you need to go, think again. If you haven't thought about it yet there is a lot more factors to the cost then the hourly rate! Don't forget about landing fees, return flights, parking fees, de-icing if necessary. Private Planes are a rich mans game, don't get involved if you don't have the check book to support it!

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