Where to Travel on a Private Plane

Where to fly on a private aircraft
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Where should I charter a jet to?

In this article I am going to discus the various options of locations you can travel to if you have a private plane. It very much depends on what type of private aircraft you have. If you have a small turboprop plane then you can go just about anywhere you want. If you happen to have a Pilatus PC-12 (lucky you), I can't think of a better place to go than the legendary Saint-Barthélemy Island. Why? It's because you would be part of a select few corporate planes to be able to land on the short runway at St. Barts.

Where else should I charter a jet to?

I suppose I should tell you some more destinations to fly in private aircraft, otherwise I don't think you would be happy for me to have wasted your time. As said above it depends on what aircraft you are using. If you have a long range capable aircraft at your disposal, such as a Challenger or Falcon, I would head straight to Dubai! Another destination that would be excellent to stop in at would be Tokyo! In fact, with a quick fuel stop in Honolulu (also a nice place to visit) from Los Angeles you could get there in about 13 hours (depending on how long you spend in Hawaii). If you are looking for shorter flights, the Caribbean is the best place to take a jet! Take your pick from any of the thousands of islands in the Caribbean including the loved Saint-Barthélemy Island.

What plane do I charter?

I am only going to touch on this topic, as I do plan to write a full article about this at a later date. As you have read above, you know I am going to tell you what aircraft you take depends on where you are going. However, you can still go long distances in smaller, slower, and turboprop aircraft. There are many people who travel extremely far distances in a Pilatus PC-12. Why? Why not? More fuel stops just means more places to visit! Although, despite what you may think, most of the time it is going to be more expensive to charter a smaller private plane than a bigger one (if you are traveling a long distance) Why? All of those fuel stops are going to rack up big landing fee bills. I advise flying into smaller airports for fuel. Often times they will wave landing fees if you purchase fuel. Every small airport loves it when a corporate jet pulls in. When they fill up and put $3000 + worth of fuel in the tanks the smaller airports just see dollar signs when they are used to filling up Cessna's for $200. It is hard for me to advice exactly what aircraft you use if I don't know the situation. However, a general rule of thumb is that if you're going a long distance, choose an aircraft with the longer range. It will save money in the long run. Unless of course you plan to make many stops on your journey anyways. In that scenario the bigger and heavier the aircraft, the more you are going to pay!

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