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The luxuries of having a private jet at your disposal

As mentioned in many previous blog posts, one of the most luxurious and practical parts of having a private jet to use, whether you own it or charter it is that you can get to where you need to go when you need to get there. For example, many large cities have multiple airports. however, there is not always an airline that flies to all of them! On top of that, maybe the airport closest to you doesn't have any scheduled flights. Most Large city airport aren't too close to the downtown core. This could be a problem for big corporate businessmen who need to get to meetings at their headquarters. Toronto Pearson International airport located in Mississauga, Ontario is a good half an hour from the downtown core of Toronto in good traffic. In bad bumper to bumper traffic this commute could take well over an hour. You could charter a costly helicopter, or you could fly right into the Toronto City Centre airport downtown in your Pilatus PC-12 or King Air.

Flight Delays? Charter a Jet!

Often times an airlines flights are delayed because of problems other than weather. Quite frequently if a crew member of the aircraft is late or has called in sick, you will be waiting for a new crew member to come and replace them. Even worse, some airlines will wait significant times for late passengers to make it aboard, more often first class passengers. This half hour or more you could be waiting can add up if you fly on a regular basis. If you are a business man/woman you know that time is money and sometimes the time is worth more money. If this is the case, by chartering a jet you are paying for the service that an airline can't always provide to you. Give a air charter company a call and they could have a crew and airplane for you ready to go in half hours notice. You spend more time than that going through security check lines flying conventionally with an airline. You have to decide what is worth more to you in the situation, the time, or the money!

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