Private Jet Traffic Downtown Toronto

Private Jet Toronto City Airport
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Private Jet Traffic To Toronto Island Airport

Toronto City Center Airport Expansion

If you have been following the talks about expanding the current Toronto Island Airport, you would know that Porter Airlines is seeking expansion of the airport by adding some length to the end of each runway. The requested length has changed a couple of times during the talks but Porter is currently asking for another 200 m on each end. Porter is also asking to have the jet aircraft ban lifted from the airport to be able to accommodate for its new CS 100's it's purchased from Bombardier. 

Will there be more private jet aircraft landing at Toronto Island?

If the ban is lifted that is currently banning aircraft from landing at the airport you can probably expect that more business executives are going to be trying to land at the city airport as it is much closer to the downtown core of Toronto then any of the other airports in the greater Toronto area. However, just because the ban could be lifted for Porter's CS 100's does not mean that every jet aircraft will have permission to land at the airport. Part of the process that the airport, the city of Toronto, and the Canadian Government are working on is conducting noise measurements of the airport, and the rest of the city noise in the area particularly the Gardiner Expressway and comparing it to how much of an impact the new CS 100's would have on the current noise abatement's. This being said a lot of the current private jet aircraft will not be able to compete with how quiet the new "whisper jets" are.

Rules are made to be broken, and Toronto Island Airport is no exception

I believe that Porter can argue that their new jets will not cause more noise than the current aircraft flying in and out of the airport. This means that they have a pretty good chance of getting the jet ban lifted. With the current private jets still not quite being as quiet as the CS 100's perhaps they will not be flying into the airport anytime soon, however I do believe there will be exceptions made as well as rules that will change over time. Perhaps with all of the noise study they are conducting around the area they will find that any jet aircraft capable of flying into the airport will not be louder than the traffic noises that currently exist.

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