Honda Jet About To Be FAA Certified

Honda jet about to be FAA Certified
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Honda Jet Getting Closer To Flying North American Skies

Honda jet is just awaiting it's final approvals from the FAA to be certified to in North America. Honda is hoping to start delivering to their customers by the middle of this year meaning that they are just weeks away from final certification. Honda is now in the aviation business along with the car industry, motor bike industry as well at the marine engine industry.

What the Honda Jet Has To Offer

The jet is a fast 7 seat aircraft that can get in and out of most regional airports. The new design featuring the engines on the wings instead of the rail frees up more space in the cabin. The aircraft is also very efficient with it's nose and wings shaped to maintain smooth air flow that increases speed while burning less fuel. When we say the jet is fast it's top speed is 420 knots and it can fly for almost 1200 nautical miles.

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