Mustang Of The Sky

Cessna 510 Citation Mustang Price
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Size Doesn't Matter

This "very light jet" has great capabilities! Weighing just over 5500 lbs this is one of the smallest private jets on the market. With it's small size comes a relatively small price tag for such an aircraft. You can own this aircraft for just under 3 and a half million US dollars. With this little jet you can travel up to 1200 NM at 340 knots cruise speed. Along with these impressive capabilities you can also take off or land at almost any airport in North America with it's takeoff distance needed only being about 3000 ft. 

Cessna Mustang or Ford Mustang?

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The Ford Mustang is a very well known and popular car. A large percentage of North Americans would love to have a Ford Mustang! If you're reading this blog, I will go ahead and assume that you have an interest in aviation. If money wasn't an issue, but you could only choose the jet OR the car and not both, which would you chose? I would chose the plane each and every time! It's faster, it's nicer, and I like flying even better than I like driving. The roads are more dangerous and you have to abide by speed limits. With the jet you could get across the country in hours, where the car would takes days. Let us know in the comment section below the blog post which you would chose? The car, or the jet!

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