What Airport Do You Want To Fly Out Of?

What airport would I like to fly out of?

Flying Toronto Billy Bishop Airport City

At the current time in my life, I don't get a lot of chances to fly. I would love to, but unfortunately traveling is not a cheap thing to do. I am thinking about planning a trip to Halifax Stanfield International Airport from Toronto. That being said there are obviously 2 airports in Toronto that I could fly out of. There is Toronto Pearson and Toronto City Centre (Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport). I have flown out of Toronto Pearson every time I have flown and I would love to have the chance to fly out of the island airport in downtown Toronto. I have seen videos of Porter Q400's landing at the airport and the approaches with views of the downtown skyline look beautiful! Not only would that allow me to fly out of the city centre airport, but it would also allow for me to fly on a Q400, which would be the first turbo prop I have ever flown on. On top of it all, I hear Porter airlines is a fantastic airline and I would be so grateful to have the opportunity to fly with them!

To some that may seem like a boring airport to chose so I will add a few more airports to my list that I would like to fly to:
  • San Diego International Airport
  • Laguardia Airport
  • Gustaf III Airport (St. Barts) DUH!
  • Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport

Please share with us under the blog post what airport you would love to fly in or out of!

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