Aerobatic Pilot Patty Wagstaff Interview

Aerobatic Pilot Patty Wagstaff Answers Some Interview Questions

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Patty Wagstaff; an award winning aerobatic pilot gave us the pleasure of answering a few aviation related questions. I won't waste any time getting into the questions and answers.

  1. How would you recommend somebody to get into and be successful in the aviation industry?

    First, you have to have a real desire to become involved in aviation, but that being said, a lot of people don't have exposure to aviation at a young age and don't know what it's about or whether they'd even like it. So, the first thing to do is to try it.  It's also very important for people in aviation to encourage others.  Research and surveys have indicated that Mentor-ship is very important for new people getting into aviation and staying in aviation.

    To become successful in aviation, it takes what it takes in other careers or sports; a real desire.  Beyond that, it's important to set goals along the way.   You might not know what your ultimate goal will be, for example; people often don't know whether they want to be airline, corporate or other types of pilots, but things unfold along the way and they find their niche.  It's important to sort of flow it, trust the process, and enjoy the journey to finding your ultimate destination.   Also, it's important for people in aviation to understand that there are no shortcuts. From the ratings to acquiring the knowledge and skill that goes along with being an excellent and safe pilot, or other aviation professionals (Air Traffic Controller, Manager, etc.).  The fact
    that it does take a lot of skill and effort is in part, what makes it worthwhile.
  2. What other hobbies do you have apart from flying?
    I love to stay busy.  I always have a few writing and other artistic type projects I'm involved in; I love reading, riding horses, taking my dogs to the beach, swimming, riding my bicycle, cooking, and yoga, as well as many other things.
  3. Have you ever had scary moments while in the pilot's seat of an aircraft? If so, could you share with us the scariest moment?

    It's hard to say what the "scariest" moment would be.  I've always felt very comfortable in airplanes and never been afraid.  I don't believe there is any room for "fear", and in fact, I try to avoid "fear" in everything I do.  However, there have been some scary moments, and most of them have had to do with flying in marginal weather trying to get to an airshow, in a small VFR only airplane, with lowering ceilings, or the visibility gets worse, or you get on top of an overcast, and things like that,  but again, since I hate being afraid, I try not to get into those situations very often!

  4. How has choosing a career in the aviation industry impacted your life? Are you happy with where you are at now?

    Aviation has impacted my life profoundly in almost every way; from giving me a broad sense of purpose, a mission, a career, a universe of instant friends and aviation family wherever I am.  It has also given me focus and discipline for which I am very grateful.
  5. What are some major goals you have in the aviation industry as well as everyday life?

    There are some airplanes I would still like to fly, and I would like to do more aerial fire fighting.  In life, I want to write a book, but I am not sure how it will be structured exactly.  I have started it and will see where it takes me.   I am also interested in expanding my aerobatic school into corporate upset training and have a business model that is quite unique, so I am looking forward to doing something big in that direction.

    We really appreciate Patty taking the time to answer the above questions. Please go give her Social Media accounts a follow for sharing this information with us!

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