The Best Flight Computers For Sale Online

List of the best flight computers for sale online

What is a flight computer and what does it do?

A flight computer is an instrument used by pilots to do a lot of useful and important things while flight planning. It helps determine what headings an aircraft should fly at depending on what the wind direction and speed is. This is extremely important for pilots flying in heavy winds. Depending on the speeds and direction of the winds, you could end up hundred of miles away from your destination without the proper calculation of the headings you needs to fly in order to follow your flight path.

What are the top flight computers for sale online?

ASA Color E6B Flight Computer

We ranked ASA's Color E6B Flight Computer as number 1 due to its simplicity and user friendly looks. The computer having color on it makes it easier to differentiate the information being calculated on the computer which can be very important while flight planning. Amazon currently displays 5 out of 5 stars rating of this product.

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Pathfinder Electronic Flight Computer (CX-2)

I ranked the pathfinder electronic flight computer as number 2 because it is a wonderful tool to have. It eliminates a lot of the time it takes to do the calculations on a manual flight computer. However, because of this, the skill of finding the calculations weakens and the pilot may have a hard time making the calculations manually, and after all, batteries do die.

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ASA E6B Metal Flight Computer

Last, but not least we have ranked the ASA metal E6B flight computer number 3 because it is very similar to the cardboard ones. It is obviously a little bit more rugged than the cardboard brother, however it can still bend out of shape which could eventually make it unusable. Although the metal computer is a nice tool, it is not necessary which is why we have ranked it number 3.

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I hope this article has helped anyone that might be looking into purchasing a flight computer. Please note that there is no problem with purchasing any of these computers. It is all about your preference.

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