List of The Best First Class Airlines

List of the Best and Most Luxurious First Class Airlines

Nobody enjoys being stuck in the tiny, claustrophobic seats of the economic class, when flying for hours, to your destination. Luckily, the discomforts of travelling on economy class can be avoided with the luxurious, fancy, extremely comfortable first class suits that most major airlines provide. They cost a fortune, so it is important to spend it on the best of the best. There are a few airlines that stand out from the rest, which provide absolutely outstanding first class services.

Three of the best first class airlines suites are given below:

1. Etihad Airways Airbus A380 The Residence

Etihad Best First Class Airlines
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They are the first ever airline to create a single aisle seating arrangement on an A380. Only one seat exists on either side of the aisle. They also have the only three room suite in an aircraft. The apartments are huge, tranquil, sophisticated and spacious, consisting of an en-suite bathroom, bedroom with a double bed, and a living room. The bathroom consists of a luxurious shower, vanity and toilet. The living room has two dining tables, a leather sofa for two, and a drink cabinet.  They provide fantastic catering services with a chef on board.

2. Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 Suites

Singapore Airlines Best First Class Airlines
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The first double bed to be offered in the sky, is by Singapore Airlines. The suites are furnished with wood finishes and leather. They boast comfortable armchairs and a 23 inch LCD screen with continuous entertainment of your choice. Their food is excellent, especially when catered from Singapore, in which case you can expect to choose from up to 60 dishes!

3. Emirates First Class Airbus A380

Emirates Best First Class Airlines
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Emirates’ first class cabin is less spacious than other first class products. However, their fantastic dine on demand menu makes up for this. They also show breaking news and have 2000 entertainment channels showing the latest shows. Emirates has the only shower other than Etihad. Passengers are eligible for a complimentary chauffer drive service from the airport. They can get fast-tracked through immigration as well. 

I hope you have liked our article on the best first class airlines. Hopefully this article helps everyone choose what airlines they want to fly first class on. Just remember, not all airlines are this luxurious! 

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