What is the cost to charter a private jet and whats included in the price?

Everything you need to know about chartering a jet including: cost of a jet charter, jet charter companies, and why people charter jets!

Jet Charter Cost and Companies
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The most promising business of air transport is now said to be the chartered planes. These comprise of renting an entire aircraft rather than a particular seat. Unlike most of the airline services, charter companies focus on an entire plane for service.

Categorized into light jets, heavy jets, mid-size jets, turbo props and airliners, charter planes serve innumerable purposes and are of great use in case of emergency or time sensitive issues like cargo or air ambulance. This has made jet charters a huge success with an estimation of 15000 business jets flying worldwide. US and Europe lead the market with activities in Asia, Central America and Middle East.

Jet Charter Cost:

Jet charter cost will vary as per the type of jet in service. The costing depends on several factors and are subjected to frequent revisions. A basic idea about the aircraft features and their cost is provided below:

·         Light: $1,700 - $2,580
·         Mid-size: $2,700 - $3,500
·         Super Mid-size: $3,500 - $4,200
·         Heavy: $4,500 - $5,800
·         Ultra long range: $6,800 - $8,500
·         Turbo prop: $1,400 - $1,800

These are just head starts as the prices vary as per the company. Extra charges of fuel, re-positioning cost, taxes, landing fees, etc. may or may not be included additionally.

List of few jet charter companies:

·         Air Partner
·         FlyCharter Air
·         Jet Aviation
·         Blue Star
·         Million Air
·         Velvet air
·         BEXAIR

It is very easy to book a charter plane and the cost makes it both economic and promising. Expecting a fast and dependable service is something to look out for when you want privacy and safety. Charter planes are surely a luxurious way to travel and have minimal risks of being delayed or cancelled. The cherry on the top is that they have accessibility to over 7000 airports as compared to commercial airlines that access just 200-230 airports!

Article Written by Jane Steven from Fiverr

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