How Much is a G4 Jet

How Much is a G4 Jet?

The Gulfstream G4 Private Jet

It does not matter if you are travelling for personal or business requirements, a G4 Jet can be a solution to all your needs! That being said, how much is a G4 jet? We will get to that in this article after we discuss why the G4 jet is so popular and what you need to know about it.

The G4 or Gulfstream 4 is generally used for Personal or Business purposes. It was designed and built by Gulfstream Aerospace from 1985 to 2003 and has always been known for its best in class design and world class technology. Gulfstream 4 is the result of redesigning of the Gulfstream III in order to reduce weight which further presented an opportunity to redesign the wings which helped in reducing cruise drag and increasing range. 

The G450 is the improvised version of G4 and uses technology from the G5 and G550. With a PlaneView cockpit comprising four Honeywell twenty-one EFIS screens, this one has a Gulfstream designed cursor control system. It also has an Enhanced Vision system which further helps while landing the aircraft in lower-visibility conditions. It offers a seating space of up to 16 passengers and sleeping space of 6. With the maximum weight capacity of 74,600 lb. The G450 offers great performance with a maximum range of 4350 N.M. It has a total interior length of 45 ft. and 1 inch, cabin length of 40 ft. and 4 inches and a cabin volume of 130 cu ft.

You could say that the G450 is a perfect blend of style and technology. Now it’s time to discuss the prices of the G4 class jets. According to our resources, a used G4 should cost between $2 million to $7 million depending upon the model year and total time while a used G450 starts at $14 million and the costs rise depending upon the model year and total time. When it was possible to buy a new G4 it would have set you back about $36 million and a new G450 might cost around $38.25 million or more but this beautiful piece of technology is worth every penny.

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