Rugged Air RA200 - Why Buy a Cheap Aviation Headset?

Rugged Air RA200 - Why Buy a Cheap Aviation Headset

Rugged Air RA200 Aviation Headset Reviews
Rugged Air RA200 Image from Amazon

Product Description

The Rugged Air RA200 is a very cheap priced aviation headset that fits the budget and has excellent reviews.
People always assume that the more expensive product is a better investment than it's cheaper alternative. This is often true, however when you start to look at the reviews, you could also be completely wrong. We would all love the Bose A20 headset however, priced at over $1000 dollars, it isn't worth 10 times more than the RA200 headset that is priced at about $100 dollars. The fact is that although the Bose is likely much better quality, if you step on either headset they are both likely to break. So the real question is, would you rather lose $1000 bucks when you step on them or $100?

Amazon Customer Reviews

RA200 Amazon Customer Reviews
Reviews captured from July 23 2016 

The RA200 headset gets a very cool 4.3 star customer review from

RA200 features

  • 3.5mm Input Jack for music devices
  • 50mm Performance Audio Speakers
  • Foam Comfort Ear Seals
  • 24dB Noise Reduction Hearing Protection
  • EM56 Noise Reflective Cup Microphone with Wire Boom
  • Item Weight: 1.2 lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 7.4 x 4.3 inches

Good Reviews

  • Excellent price
  • Material is soft and cups ears blocking out unwanted noise
  • Sensitive microphone and crisp sound
  • "Best headset for price"
  • comfortable

Bad Reviews

  • There are a lot of complains about the headset being too tight on their head. One customer suggested stretching the headset over a basketball for a couple of days to loosen it. Perhaps if you have a bigger head you would consider a different headset.
  • A couple of reviews suggest the headset is bad quality. 


After reading the reviews and looking over the product description and features this seems like the best headset for the price. There are almost 150 customer reviews on amazon and there were very few complaints. I think it is a great starter headset, and it might be worth upgrading depending on how much flying you do. For the average pilot, I think this is a perfect headset. With that being said, I suggest that those who choose to purchase this product take good care of it. Like others said in the reviews, it is cheaper quality. If it is treated rough, it will start to malfunction. Thank you to all who have chosen to read this review. I hope that it has helped you in your consideration into buying this product.

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