Air Taxi and Shuttle Service in Texas

Texas Air Shuttle Service

Texas Air Shuttle Service

According to the co-founder and CEO Steve Geldmacher, Texas Air Shuttle was supposedly to begin its service earlier this year but took longer than expected to gain Federal Aviation Administration certification. Intended primarily toward the business community, Texas Air Shuttle offers a new members-only service for a price. It includes unlimited travel in the Lone Star State each week. Other flights consist of routes to the McKinney National Airport, Conroe/North Houston Regional Airport, Austin Executive Airport, and now, the Stinson Municipal Airport in San Antonio.

The region’s business travelers can expect an unmatched convenience, service and value provided by Stinson Airport and Texas Air Shuttle. The airport’s location provides direct entry to Brooks City Base, Joint Base San Antonio, downtown, and other industry centers in the region. Working together, Stinson Airport is looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership with Texas Air Shuttle.

There are unlimited fly plans that allow members to pay a monthly fee and fly as much as they want. The company has two plans available- the executive and the super commuter. For $1,895 a month as an executive member, you get one seat on an unlimited number of flights, one free guest pass every month and two flight passes. The super commuter plan is $2,850 a month that includes a seat on an unlimited number of flights, a free guest pass, and six flight passes which gives members the privilege to immediately book a new reservation after a flight.

With the membership perks, frequent fliers were simply requested to arrive at the terminal fifteen minutes before the departure time and they also have the opportunity to take advantage of the free valet parking. These services save members on wasted time at the airport while eliminating worries that accompany commercial jet delays and other additional fees associated with parking and checked baggage.

The company which is based at the Conroe-North Houston Regional Airport, will be targeting more frequent business travelers who want to save time over flying commercial while increasing their productivity. Its service will make travelling convenient and comfortable without going through Transportation Security Administration checkpoints.

Texas Air Shuttle owns, controls and maintains a fleet of Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft, which will have two pilots for additional safety. Seats are available for a reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. The company plans to expand throughout 2016 to other cities in Texas, including the neighboring states of Louisiana, Arkansas, and Oklahoma as well. It will also eventually add jets to its fleet, naming Cessna Citation Bravos as one.

Texas Air Shuttle is the second company, based in Texas, to offer private flights. Rise, which is based on Dallas, has a comparable model that has been flying for more than a year. It also has unlimited flights beginning at $1,850 a month. CEO Nick Kennedy of Rise explained that he doesn’t see Texas Air Shuttle as a competitor and that they are happy to have the company in the industry where there is a huge demand for a greatly needed service. 

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